Airscape Storage Container / Glass

$ 38.00
Size: XL 160oz

“Airtight” is only effective if the air is tightly locked OUT of the canister.  Most kitchen canisters, however, lock the air inside slowly eating away the freshness of the contents.  The AirScape food storage canisters are different – they force air out and away from your food and lower with the contents so no matter how much or little remains it will be kept fresher longer.

The class of glass in undeniable.  Whether you are displaying fine loose-leaf tea or preserving ingredients like flour or sugar, you want to see what you’re so elegantly storing.  Made from a thick borosilicate glass for durability, it is also food-safe while preventing staining as well as taste and odor transfer.  Like all our AirScape kitchen canisters, the patented inner lid forces air out of the container and away from its precious contents.  Now, not only can you hear your food staying fresher longer, with the AirScape Glass kitchen canisters you can SEE it too!

  • 160 fl. oz. (1¼ Gallon): 7” Base, 8” Tall (holds apprx. 5 lbs. of sugar or flour and over 2 lbs. of coffee)


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