Handwoven by skilled indigenous artisans, this silk is considered compassionate, as silk worms survive the process, unlike in conventional silk production. Artisans hand spin cocoons left behind by moths into yarn, then weave the yarn on traditional bamboo looms. The yarn is colored with natural plant dyes. A low impact fabric, with no pesticides and little water required to rear silk worms. 
    • 100% organic silk
    • Eri is hand-spun from vacant cocoons of silk worms - it does not involve boiling and in the process, killing of the worms
    • Hand-woven on bamboo looms by indigenous women weavers in Northeast India
    • Vegetable dyed yarn and undyed yarn. Vegetable dyes are turmeric, indigo and harda.
    • Closure: Zipper
    • Inserts included; Made in the USA
    • Dry clean recommended
    • 20" x 20"
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